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 Greetings From Janet: A Podbean Podcast

 Tongue Twister on Chirbit

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A Vocaroo Question to My Wonderful Evo Podcasting 2012 Moderators

My Mystery Person

Can you guess who my mystery person is?  I have a big connection with her life :-)

My Mystery Person (mp3)

Interview with Natasa:Skype MP3 Recorder


Out My Window: A Podomatic Podcast

Poetry Reading: The Naming of Cats


  1. Hi, Janet! You are a real actress! :)
    You should continue with reading and recording.
    You sound perfectly! Really! :)
    Thank you for setting comments available.
    If I may say one little thing: I think you should apply the normalize process in Audacity, in order to make your recordings louder. This would make your recordings even better! :)

  2. Hi Maja

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my new blog. I do enjoy reading aloud and I would like to do some more recordings in the future.

    Thanks so much for your advice re making Audacity louder. I'm not quite sure about the "normalize process" in Audacity, but I will have to find out more, as of course I would like my podcasts to be as clear and audible as possible. So thank you very much for this tip :-))