Friday, 27 January 2012

About me

Welcome to Janet's Podcasting Blog! Thank you for taking the time to view this page. This blog has been created as a result of the EVO Podcasting 2012 session. It will contain all the podcasts that I produce during the course, and beyond. I do hope you will enjoy the podcasts.

I am a freelance teacher/teacher trainer with a passion for teaching and an unquenchable thirst for new knowledge. I am currently based in the spectacular region of Abruzzo, in central Italy.

When I am not learning new things, teaching or writing my blogs, I love to spend time in my rather wild garden and also look after a motley crew of Anglo-Italian furkids. At present we have 5 cats, 2 dogs and 6 chickens.

I am currently recording my 2012 life in images, and you can view my Project 366 blog here.

You can listen to a podcast about My Teaching Experience, recorded via Podomatic:

Below you can view the Glogster I created for the EVO Podcasting 2012 session.


  1. Janet, I love the way your blog looks, as well as your podcasts. The Naming of Cats is my favourite and I can't wait to listen to Abruzzo Unplugged Podcasts.

  2. Hi Natasa

    Thank you for popping by and for your kind words. I am going to spend a bit of time updating things on my podcasting blog, now I'm back in Abruzzo and we have Internet connection again, thank goodness! I hope to publish the other 3 podcasts in the Abruzzo Unplugged series soon.